The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region-02 Cagayan Valley was awarded the prestigious national Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management during the conferment ceremonies at Malacañang Palace held September 22, 2015.   Assistant Secretary Dr. Urdujah A. Tejada  together with the Officer-in Charge, Regional Director of DOST 02,  Engr. Sancho A. Mabborang  received the PQA Trophy from his Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino III. Dr. Tejada was the Regional Director of DOST 02 at the time of the PQA Application and was promoted as Assistant Secretary and Program Manager for Countryside Development of the DOST a year after. 

The Philippine Quality Award (PQA) is the country’s highest level of recognition given to government and private organizations for performance excellence equivalent to the very prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program of the United States.
The PQA focuses on seven (7) criteria categories: (1) Leadership; (2) Strategic Planning; (3)Customer Focus; (4) Measurement, Analysis, Knowledge Management; (5) Workforce Focus; (6) Process Management, and (7) Results.

DOST 02  is the first national government agency in Region 02 accorded the PQA award and the only government sector awardee in the 17th PQA Cycle.  The other awardees are:  SMC Yamamura Fuso Molds Corporation, ROHM Electronics Philippines, Inc., STMicroelectronics Inc.,nall business companies and two from academic institutions namely;  the Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Manila, and the Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna.

DOST 02’s relentless efforts to achieving organizational performance is in believing  in the human capital placing the highest importance in its workforce enhancing  their learning skills in order to provide the quality service to its customers.  Also, the reason behind  DOST 02’s  successes it had achieved  is in the lines “we are a  platoon, but we work like a battalion”.  And as a team, whatever success is celebrated valuing contributions done by everyone living by the tagline “Working Together, Sharing Together, Celebrating Together”.

DOST 02 started its journey to the PQA  with the creation of its Performance Excellence Team (PET) putting in place the ISO 9001 Quality Management and the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 of its Chemical and Microbiological and Metrology testing laboratories. Apart from the ISO/IEC 17025:2005, the DOST 02 laboratories also pursued other certifications and accreditation from regulatory bodies like the DENR-EMB, DOH-FDA and DOH.  Maintaining these certifications standards is its relentless pursuit for continual improvement and total quality.



 "We are recognizing your pursuit of quality in the most profound sense of the word—because it does not only mean a stronger institution, a larger share in the market, or a higher quality of performance, but an infinitely higher quality of life for more Filipinos." — President Benigno S. Aquino III delivered the keynote speech at the conferment ceremonies of the 17th Philippine Quality Awards.

(Photos by the Malacañang Photo Bureau.)

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President Benigno S. Aquino III confers the Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management to Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Region 02, represented by Science and Technology Assistant Secretary Dr. Urdujah A. Tejada and DOST Region 02 Officer-In-Charge, Office of the Regional Director, Engr. Sancho A. Mabborang. (Photos by the Malacañang Photo Bureau.)


It was 1995 when Orlando E. Dulay retired the test tubes and flasks, and instead trained his sights on fresh buko.

He had given up his job as a chemist and had opted to sell snacks derived from fresh coconuts to anyone who would drop by their shop in Nueva Vizcaya.

Dulay would soon realize that the items he offered were not enough to lure in substatial profit.

Inspired by his cousin's buko-processing business then, Dulay accepted that subjecting his product to processing would be more profitable. He adopted the relative's mechanisms.

A hitch would come a year later, as the cousin left the country with his technology.

That could easily have closed the dooron Dulay, except that he dusted off his scientific mind and made his own formulation.

Although it took time for his shop to gain popularity, the persistence and dedication paid off, with travelers on the Manila-Tuguegarao route eventually quality buko pie to Dulay's G&B Buko Products.

That momentum carried on for about 10 years, with the business enjoying sales from its image as the pasalubong stopover in Tuao North, Bagabag. It also resulted in a branch in Solano.

But that would not be enough.

Hoping his branches wouldmultiply and his products would get shipped abroad, Dulay sought the help of the science department's Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) in Nueva Vizcaya.

The PSTC set up a technology mission to Laguna where G&B workers would observe buko pie businesses there for benchmarking.

The shop owner would then learn about the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program, or SETUP, just as G&B wanted to acquire a blast freezer to improve the shelf life of its buko pies.

For technical reasons, the Regional Technology Evaluation Committee instead recommended an ordinary cabinet-type freezer to prolong the products' shelf life and the integration of additives into the custard to address the texture and consistency of the pies.

Accepting the suggestions, G&B Buko Products bought six modular ovens with the money it originally allocated for the blast freezer. By that, it saved P50,000 per month on electricity dues just six months later.

Until now, the G&B benefits from the programs like the Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program, from which it learned supply chain management, marketing strategies, technology improvements, bookkeeping and production center layout, among others.

Workers also receive productivity trainings and seminars.

From 1,000 to 1,500 plates of buko pie per day, production picked up to 2,000 to 3,500. The product line also grew to buko tart, buko macaroons, cassava bibingka with buko strips and undergoes with the science department.

Moreover, the DOST has infused more or less P1 million in the business.

Now more confident, and with gross income of P40 million in 2014, G&B Buko Products opened its third restaurant and distribution center in Bagabag. Manpower will of course increase from the latest count of 85 direct and 20 indirect employees.

Looking back, Dulay found that the ingredients of success for G&B went beyond the buko.

Somehow, it's the chain reaction they talk about in chemistry. It begins with passion, the heart for innovation and positive thinking. Everything follows. Virginia G. Bilgera

"DOST launches 'smarter cities'

By Rainier Allan Ronda (The Philippine Star) |

Updated May 21, 2015 - 12:00am


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MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) launched its Smarter City program to transform Philippine cities by tapping information and communications technology (ICT) to improve the delivery of government services.

Science Secretary Mario Montejo launched the program recently with the signing of a memorandum of agreement with Cauayan City Mayor Bernard Faustino Dy and DOST Region 2 director, Urduja Tejada at the University of Perpetual Help System-Cauayan, the first city to join the program.

Montejo said Cauayan City was tapped as the first partner local government unit (LGU), with the city government and Dy having shown readiness to tap ICT solutions to make their business processes and transactions more efficient and convenient for residents. Cauayan residents also responded enthusiastically to DOST programs particularly the "Juan Time" campaign in 2013 where all timepieces in the country were synchronized under Philippine Standard Time.

Montejo pledged that the DOST, led by the DOST Region 2 and the DOST ICT Office, would pour all available technical assistance to Cauayan City as it makes the ICT investments needed to attain the features of a DOST Smarter City.

"The Smarter City program is really a new ICT-based concept of improving operations and systems," Montejo explained in a speech during the launch.

Montejo said that during an ICT ministerial meeting of the Association of South East Asian Nations last January in Thailand, the concept of a Smarter Community was presented as the target direction of all member countries.

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He further explained that a Smarter City concept involved the widespread installation of CCTV (closed circuit television) systems all over a city to collect data, and then processing the data into intelligence or useful information for the community.

Data gathered from the CCTVs can include traffic flow, weather situation, fire outbreaks or other calamities.

Montejo said there is analytics technology that can be used by the DOST and city governments to process all the data into intelligent and useful information.

"With all the data, you can come up with important information for decision making for outcomes that the public will really appreciate," he said.

Montejo said they were delighted to have Cauayan City as a partner in the pilot effort to establish a Smarter City in the Philippines.

Cauayan City has established a city identification system with a computerized database, as well as an e-governance system where all business transactions like the issuance of business permits and licenses are computerized.


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About 1.1 million tons of waste paper is generated in the Philippines in a year. That’s why it is but a necessity to reduce our paper waste by recycling them into useful stuff. Jsen Lee Commercial practices this by recycling used paper into egg trays. Yes, egg trays – the container of eggs to transport them from one place to another; the one you see in local markets and other grocery stores. But how did Jsen Lee Commercial come up with such an idea?

Jsen Lee Commercial, owned and managed by Mr. Joan Asuncion Lim, is engaged in distributorship of products, mainly fresh chicken & quail eggs and also quail egg production. As a young entrepreneur, he started to distribute in the remote barangays in Cagayan. As years went by, market and demand increased so Mr. Lim continued to expand his egg distribution business.

He then noticed that every time a delivery for fresh chicken eggs is done, there are some undersized egg trays. The tendency is that they must double the tray for each set of 30 eggs to further protect the product especially during transport. This contributed a lot to the increased cost of operation in their company. Adding to this is the “no return egg tray” policy of the companies they are working with.

He also noticed that around 20% of the egg trays delivered are already used making them pliable and cannot properly hold the eggs. These egg trays cannot properly withstand long storage of eggs in store outlets. Also, around 2-3% account to breakage due to the use of old trays. Topping these is the cost of egg trays bought at 3.75 per piece regardless of size and quality.

With the above problems, the owner then realized that it’s about time to produce egg trays not only to benefit their firm but also to bring livelihood to existing paper gatherers and out-of-school youths needing jobs.

How did he do so? He requested for technical assistance to DOST through their flagship program Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP). DOST helped him in identifying a state-of-the-art but economical type of equipment in producing quality egg trays. With the assistance, his sales and production for egg trays increased by 100%; cost per tray is reduced by 71%; increased savings by ₱303.00-₱345.00 per week from non-use of undersized trays and increased employment by 16%.

To date, Jsen Lee Commercial earns, on the average, total gross sales of ₱300,000 per month for egg tray production. Now you can say that waste paper can make lots of money and not only that. You also save mother earth in reducing the amount of waste paper generated in the planet. Green technology is now an emerging technology nowadays. It’s about high time to join Mr. Lim in promoting ecological but economical ways of upgrading your business through SETUP.