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Services Available:

Chemical Laboratory

The Chemical Laboratory has capabilities and facilities for proximate analysis of foods and feeds and physico-chemical test for water and phytochemical screening of plant extracts

Microbiological Laboratory

The Microbiological Laboratory performs tests such as Heterotropic/Aerobic plate count. Coliform count and other microbiological tests to determine the fitness of food products and potability of water for human consumption



Physical and Chemical Testing

Test Parameter                                 Method                 Fee (PhP)

  pH                                                  Potentiometric              150

  Total Dissolved Solids              Gravimetric                    440

  Total Suspended Solids           Gravimetric                    150

  Total Hardness                           Titrimetry                        200

  Calcium                                        Titrimetry                        390

  Chloride                                        Titrimetry                       400

  Alkalinity/Acidity                            Titrimetry                       390


Chemical Test


Test Parameter                Method                   Fee (PhP)

Moisture                         Air Oven                            300

Ash                                 Gravimetric                       450

Alkalinity/Acidity            Titrimetry                           450

Crude Protein              Block Digestion                800


Test Parameter                                Method               Fee (PhP)

Phytochemical Screening


Saponin                                         Guevarra et al              500

Tannin                                                  (1985)




Test parameter                         Sample            Test Method               Fee (PhP)

Heterotropic Plate Count          Water        APHA-AWWA (MPN)           350

Total Coliform Count                 Water        APHA-AWWA (MPN)           370

E.Coli Count                               Water             APHA-AWWA                   400

Aerobic Plate Count                  Food                 FDA-BAM                       350

Yeast and Molds                        Food                 FDA-BAM                       350

How to Avail the Services:

Step 1. Submit Sample to the Laboratory (Note 1 & 2)

Step 2. Accomplish Job Order Form (Note 3)

Step 3. Pay required fee to the Cashier (Note 4)

Step 4. Claim Report of Analysis on the specified date in the Job Order (Note 5)


Note 1. Sample Size Requirement

                                          Chemical Laboratory      Microbiological Laboratory

For Food/Feed

   Solid                                            500 g                                   500 g

   Liquid                                          500 ml                                 500 ml

For Water                                          1 L                                    500 ml

For Plant Sample

   Dry                                               100 g

   Fresh                                             1 kg                                     50 ml*

   Extract                                           50 ml*

* - Plant sample extracted should be 100g for dry and 1kg for fresh

Note 2. Water sample submitted for microbiological testing must be in sterile container and must reach the laboratory within 12 hours from sampling or collection. Copies of the General Guidelines for the Collection and Handling of Water Sample are available in the RSTL.


Note 3. A laboratory reference number is assigned by the receiving officer or each job order and sample number for each sample submitted order to identify uniquely each sample


Note 4. Full payment of the cost of analysis should be made before the conduct of tests.


Note 5. The original accomplished JO form shall be presented by the customer when claiming the Report of Analysis.

Contact Details:
Address : Bagay Road, Nursery Compound,Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

Tel. No: (078) 846-3301

Telefax: (078) 304-8654

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Persons:


Chemical Laboratory

Lilibeth M. Navarro, SRS II
Center Manager 



Microbiology Laboratory

Aileen G. Constantino, SRS II

Center Manager


Caroline P. Lagazo, SRS II