The DOST R02 Library serves as the data bank of S&T information & resource materials. It caters to various clientele which include small and medium entrepreneurs, researchers, professionals, teachers & students. Students seeking information for their thesis, feasibility studies and investigatory projects comprise the majority of the library users.

The DOST R02 Library offers a wide array of S&T information materials and publications ranging from books/references for investigatory projects, feasibility studies & thesis; a compendium of S&T articles in agriculture, aquaculture, forestry & others; copies of technologies for livelihood projects; various journals & publications, one of which is S&T Gazette, the official Newsletter of DOST Region 02; latest S&T information and other S&T articles.

To ensure that library materials and information are abreast with the latest demands of the S&T Community, the DOST Region 02 updates its resources thru the procurement of new books, journals and assorted publications. Initiatives are also done by networking with other S&T agencies/institutions for possible donations and complimentaries of articles & information. For additional S&T references, S&T clippings are cut from leading local newspapers and other dailies.

In addition, library users may avail of on-line S&T research activities via the use of the information superhighway through the Internet.

How to Avail of DOST Region 02 Library Services

The DOST Region 02 library is open to all students, entrepreneurs, government and private workers and other walk-in-clients. The library is open from 8:00am to 5:00 pm during Mondays to Fridays. However, in the exigency of the needs and demands of the users, the library sometimes opens during week-ends and holidays.

In the availment of the library services, anybody can just present any legal identification, such as school IDs, government IDs and other documents.

Like other libraries, books and other reading materials can also be borrowed overnight. To ensure proper borrowing of materials, DOST R02 also imposes surcharges on overdue materials. Library users who want to photocopy materials they need can also avail of this kind of assistance. DOST 02 library's latest information transfer scheme is through computer diskettes where clients could copy the available information they need by presenting a clean diskette for-this purpose. Copying shall be supervised by the personnel in-charge to ensure proper use of IT equipment and other resources.

DOST R02 library envisions that through the Information Technology, it will have its services accessed through on-line.