EMC-2 is composed of a group of equipment manufacturers, fabricators and designers with the primary objective to improve agricultural productivity in Region 2. The cluster is engaged in the supply, manufacture, design, and development of appropriate equipment and technologies suited to the needs of the region and its nearby provinces, and to establish linkages with government and private entities to enhance the operations and manufacturing capabilities of its metals and engineering firms.





EMC-2 was able to generate P 1,794,800.00 income for the fabrication of 9 food grade equipment as per requirement from SUCs, SETUP clients and other partner stakeholders. The cluster was able to increase its earnings by 64% from last year’s P 1,150,000.00 profit.

EMC-2 also attended 2 trainings which resulted in the enhancement of capabilities of cluster members’ in the design and fabrication of equipment. Furthermore, DOST 02 funded the transfer of 4 MIRDC-acquired equipment which were refurbished byEMC-2






1 unit decorticating machine & 2 units mechanized biolog extruder (CSU Sanchez)

P 445,000.00

1 unit sugarcane crasher(GK Oscarville, Sta. Maria, Isabela)

P 240,000.00

2 units essential oil extractor

(Ilagan Tourism Office and LGU Solano, Nueva Vizcaya)

P 150,000.00/unit

1 unit fertilizer mixer/sizer

Brgy. Wacal Association of Farmers, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya)

P 230,000.00

1 unit citronella extractor with furnace (CSU Lallo)

P 250.00.00

1 unit rotary screener

P 220,800.00

2 units rain gauge (Eco-fuel)

P 12,000.00/pc

1 unit multi-purpose shredder (CSU Lallo)

P 85,000


P 1,794,800