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The ACT Machineries is one of the local manufacturers in the cagayan valley that focuses on agricultural machinery. The firm was established on April 22, 1986 founded by Mr. Angel C. Tactay is located at Turayong, Cauayan City, Isabela. The firm aimed to modernize the agricultural technologies and processes in region 2. It has already taken a major step to develop the local farm machine industry with the start of the establishment of the Agricultural Mechanization Design and Prototyping Center.

The firm applied for Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) assistance in 2019. Through SETUP, ACT was able to develop new products such as onion seeder, mushroom bagger, feed mixer, mushroom dryer, 2-in-1 Milling Machine, Carrot Washer, Multipurpose Seeder, Boat Tiller, Cacao Huller, as well as improved versions of existing products. The firm was able to widen its market scope and transactions, improve production, and increase the number of its branches.

Currently, the enterprise uses robotics and automation through Computerized Numerical Control High Precision Plasma Cutting Machine and Automatic Robot Plasma Welding Machine. These machines were acquired by the firm to improve their processes on measuring, cutting, grinding, and drilling. By acquiring the CNC Laser cutting machine, the production time was reduced by 40%. Productions are integrated with higher flexibility. An increase in the production capacity of the corporation resulted in the need to increase manpower requirements. They were also able to generate additional 37 employees equivalent to an 11.6% increase where the manufacturing plant is located. With the presence of the equipment, the enterprise operations developed new products, better production, logistics, marketing and decision-making. The enterprise is also promoting sustainability and resource efficiency in the context of the ecological aspect. This gives the corporation its best practice in order to produce high-quality products that contribute to Industry 4.0.

The firm also acquired the International Organization for Standardization through the Department of  Science and Technology Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX). Through the ISO  Certification, the firm managed to create processes and mechanisms that will help to satisfy the needs of their customers. The corporation has a manufacturing plant with a total land area of 5 hectares and has its own research and development unit to create prototype products to be tested in a certain period of time based on the needs of the client. With years of experience and motivation, the corporation now has twenty (20) branches: Two (2) in Nueva Ecija, Two (2) in Nueva Vizcaya, Two (2) in Ilocos Norte, One (1) in llocos Sur, One (1) in La Union, One (1) in Ifugao, Three (3) in Cagayan and Eight (8) in  Isabela.   

The ICON award is given to SETUP-assisted MSME which adopts Industry 4.0 technologies. The selection criteria include the degree and extent of innovation related to Industry 4.0 technologies, value creation to the customer, value creation for the enterprise, and change or transformation process.

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