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Why are the other scholars getting their stipends but mine is still unavailable?
Check if you have submitted the required documents/reports to the nearest DOST Office and whether these have been received. If not, send another copy.

I wish to join an organization. Will this affect my scholarship and my studies?
Joining an organization is a personal decision. There are advantages as well as disadvantages. Before deciding to join, you must ask yourself whether you can handle your studies and your responsibilities in the organization without jeopardizing your studies and consequently, your scholarship.

I am a MERIT scholar at UP enrolled in BS ECE. I want to pursue the same course but my family is moving to Cebu City. Can I transfer to the University of San Carlos in Cebu City?

Yes you can. The ECE course at USC is among the priority courses under the Merit Scholarship Program. What you have to do is seek admission at USC for the said course and at the same time, you write a letter to DOST-SEI requesting for approval of the transfer. If both requests are approved, you must comply with the transfer requirements of the school you are leaving and that of USC.

I am an RA 7687 scholar enrolled in BS Computer Science in a Metro Manila school. I am finding it hard to meet my expenses despite the financial assistance I get from my scholarship. I want to go back to my home province and enroll there. Will I be allowed?
Yes, provided you will enroll in BS Computer Science or any of the DOST priority courses under RA 7687 Scholarship Program in a DOST-SEI identified school.

My teacher gave me a grade of 4.0. Will I lose my scholarship?
No, not yet. Your scholarship will be put on a suspended status and consquently, your scholarship privileges will be placed on hold. This means that you will have to pay your tuition fees in the succeeding semesters and will not receive any of the allowances.

For your scholarship to be reinstated, you must pass the same subject and all the other academic subjects you enrolled in the following semester and comply with the average requirement. All your benefits will be restored effective the date of suspension. Make sure you keep your official receipts for the school fees because you have to submit them for said fees to be reimbursed.

I incurred a failing mark in my first year. Can I have a second chance?
Technically, your scholarship is terminated but you can make an appeal stating your reason for such failure.
The appeal must be in written form and accompanied with a complete set of your grades from the first semester to the current semester and other supporting documents. An appeal is evaluated for its merits and accuracy by the National Technical and Selection Committee on S&T Scholarships. The decision can either be a suspension or termination of your scholarship.

If the sanction is SUSPENSION, give your best effort to pass all subjects including the subject where you incurred your failing mark in the succeeding semester.

If it is a TERMINATION, then you lost your scholarship forever. Don't loss heart though. You can consider this a learning experience and correct your mistakes and do better in the future. Goodluck in your future endeavors!

Source: 2008 S&T Scholar's Handbook

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